Canon Pixma ip7220 is a great printer for use in an office

A lot of times a business will use a residential grade printer for their office or business needs. The Canon IP7220 printer is at the higher end of residential printers so it is quite appropriate for business use. It prints fast and it prints good, it has wireless, and although it does not have a network port, if you have a wireless network that should be fine. I have had mine for quite a while and it has not dropped off the network at all. I’ve always had good luck with Canon, having an IP4200 which was like a tank, and I expected this model to be similar. It may be, but the only complaint I have is that it has a ridiculously low paper quantity for tray capacity. And it also does not have a paper feeder in the back with paper standing up vertically. It makes it really tough to see how much paper is left and when you’re printing a lot, paper becomes a problem. However it is very easy to load paper into the front tray, you can slip paper in quick and shove it back in and be ready to go. Another nice thing about this printer is that you can stack things on top of it because it’s flat since there is no paper loading from the top and the cover is quite thick so you could stack something heavy if you don’t have that much space in your office. If you don’t have a color laser printer in your budget right now, this would definitely be a printer that can handle printing brochures, orders, business cards, flyers, restaurant menus, etc. because it prints very very fast. It’s also using a popular inkjet cartridge with generics already available cheap, it uses the same cartridge as the MX922 printer, scanner combo.

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