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Google Mobile Website Friendly Requirement

If you are one of the many website owners that received a message within webmaster tools from Google with a warning about your website not being mobile friendly, please take it seriously.

In fact Google may have already released an algorithm and experts in the SEO world are already hearing reports that non-mobile friendly sites were suffering following what may have been an update on January 24th.

Google has not called the update by any sort of name or even indicated that a change was made based on mobile usability. So for now website owners are in the dark about organic ranking algorithms.

As traffic and search engine use becomes more mobile than desktop, it makes sense for Google to be looking to ensure that they are serving mobile friendly websites.

The solution? If your website is on an old FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc platform or most other old websites, you may be looking at a completely new website built on Joomla or WordPress.

Ouch that hurts, but your business may need the upgrade anyways!

Using Google tasks and other tools for your business

Google Tasks, Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Sheets and other products are an amazing tool to help you start and quickly grow your business. They’re free and amazing. It is now easy to keep track of all the things that you have to do with Google. And they will automatically appear across all your devices inside of your google account. Because all these products can do everything that Microsoft office can do for you and save yourself the $185 charge for purchasing Microsoft office. If you need an office program on your desktop Windows PC you can use openoffice for free. Google tasks is a big asset to the new small-business owner. It is so incredibly powerful with the apps that are available on iPhone and android. They are outstanding, especially the paid ones, but the free ones are definitely excellent and definitely will do the job. Most of them work flawlessly and fast, don’t lose any tasks, quickly delete things and you could sort them by priority quickly by simply dragging one up or down. You can look at your phone and try to get something done if you have five spare minutes, which is absolutely crucial when you’re starting a business. Many times a small-business owner works 60 or 80 hours a week but you don’t have to if you manage your time wisely. Google tasks is such an invaluable tool that I don’t know how you could do it without it. The fact that it’s digital means that you can have tasks with names and addresses and passwords, and all that information is there that you can copy quickly to webpages and other things. Company address, business hours or text you frequently have emailed to customers can be made as a task. They can be copied and become calendar entries, an email, text for posting on Facebook, an addition to the website. You need every advantage you can get when you’re starting a business or when you’re trying to grow a business and need to be purposeful and intentional and powerful and you can’t be any of those things without the proper tools. Your competitors are already using them so you need to quickly get up to speed and put the tools to use heavily in your business.

Using Smartphones & Tablets and other technology for your small business

It’s really amazing that you can buy an Apple fourth generation iPod Touch, which has the iPhone 4’s Retina display, on eBay for $60 in great condition. These were only discontinued one year ago and the screen is high enough resolution and big enough to run many apps. It can greatly benefit you and your business even if you have a nice smartphone or even the newer iPhone 5 which runs iOS 7 and has a bigger screen. But you can still benefit from having a second device that can be used when you are using your smartphone for a conversation as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. A second device can be a great way to look up information and give it to the customer that you’re talking to on the phone or if you are in the grocery store such as Sam’s Club or Meijer’s that has free Wi-Fi you can hold your shopping list on the second device while talking to your wife on your smartphone. Or you could also do all the functionality of an App most of which still run on iOS 6 on the iPod touch, it’s really like having an iPhone for $60. If you are not an Apple fan, bad esn smartphones on ebay for can be purchased for $10 and run android 4 and make a great wifi device. It’s also amazing that you can purchase a 7 or even 10 inch tablet for way less than $100 that is fully capable of doing almost everything a $700 iPad can do. Because when you’re starting a business, keeping costs low is extremely important and when you can get multiple devices at such a low cost, but yet not be too far behind the technological curve your business can really benefit. Having multiple devices also enables you to watch a YouTube video or be logged into multiple Google accounts at the same time or to share a device with somebody who’s with you. Another benefit is that if the battery dies on one device you have another one at the ready.

Using Gmail for your business email (your domain name email)

Email in your business is obviously one of the most important aspects, and it seems to be only be getting more important not less. It is a technology that is not going away anytime soon. A great way to handle it is to add your email from your domain to Gmail in accounts and import tab in settings. Add it both in the “Check mail from other accounts (using POP3)” and in the “Send mail as:” sections. When you do this you can respond quickly to customers from your phone, tablet or any browser from any computer. Also all email is kept in your Gmail folders which can quickly be searched. You can import old mail using IMAP perfectly. When you make the switch you need to shut down the e-mail program you were using to check your domain e-mail using such as Outlook, Eudora or Thunderbird because it will cause some weird results and duplicates. Or you could remove that domain account from the program. If you are using the Gmail app, a Gmail browser window and even Gmail in a mail app or program with Gmail pop access you wont have any trouble.