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Grand Rapids is certainly not Madison Avenue, but there are some real big heavy Marketing hitters in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area. As JustPromote Marketing Company I am a mere speck on the landscape. However I am providing a very valuable service to many. You see, marketing companies have a dirty little secret that results from them having to charge a lot of money because they have a lot of overhead in a building, computer software, etc. The secret is that you can accomplish most of what they do for 1/3 the cost.

In the old days before the Internet, you had to have a lot of technology, supplies, contacts and connections, and a lot of things that required a lot of money. Nowadays you don’t need much really. A computer with multiple monitors, an iPad or android tablet and a smart phone.

What I’ve found is there are a whole a lot of companies and businesses in Grand Rapids, Grandville, Wyoming and other areas of West Michigan that need marketing and websites and other types of Internet properties but are not willing to pay up to $100 per hour to get it. So there they sit. They don’t get their marketing or advertising and the company suffers. It’s my passion to launch the company and make them what they really can be, successful with a new type of marketing on the Internet with their business information created and provided there mostly for free. In a nutshell I am basically an Internet handyman for businesses. I help to move your business forward and help accomplish your goals by using all of the Internet tools available. I am passionate about promoting people and their accomplishments and using Internet technology to help finish projects, get you more customers, sales, followers and interactions. What I’m not capable of doing is high level projects that are best suited for large marketing companies. I have been a crucial part of some businesses that could not have used expensive marketing companies or advertising agencies. It would be great to discuss your needs so please give me a call or e-mail.

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The tools available today are free. Content management systems and a whole host of free software that performs better than what you have to pay a lot of money for that was only available to the large marketing company or advertising agency.  West Michigan is a great place to live and work and I want to see successful clients, there are a lot of families dependent on it and also, there are a lot of people with great ideas but they just don’t have the exposure required to get them to the point of being a nationwide or even local success.

Getting back to that dirty little secret, what they have to do is have a large contract or monthly fee that you have to enter into. But as I learned in my marketing classes, the truth is that accomplishments and benefits can be grossly overstated and even fabricated as they tell you marketing jargon that you don’t understand like down on Madison Avenue in New York. By the way there is a Madison Avenue in downtown Grand Rapids.


They told advertisers for years and years about the campaigns and TV commercials and how much it was bringing them, and then some of those advertisers figured out how to track on their own the sales that were made from advertising efforts. They did things like use special phone numbers that were printed on the advertising materials and commercials and guess what the phone barely rang. Today those big Madison Avenue companies can’t hide behind their fancy creative commercial advertising involving everything from movie stars to halftime shows.

On the Internet it is all completely trackable, we know exactly how many orders we got from every dollar spent. Also when I do work for you, you can see exactly what was done. I’m not much of a threat to the big Grand Rapids, Holland and Muskegon marketing companies and advertising agencies, because I’m not going to take any big customers and I can only handle so many little customers but if you are the fortunate company that hires me at my low hourly rate it can certainly benefit your bottom line, increase your sales, increase your profit and perhaps even keep your company in business. But what I’m doing is nothing special in fact you could do most of it yourself with a little knowledge, but I could probably do it a lot faster because of my knowledge and you may not have the time to accomplish what it takes. It’s a very time-consuming process. Dozens of hours to get your business up to speed on the Internet with the appropriate content and linking between all the websites, social media, tracking analytics installed, websites created etc. It does take a lot of time but I’m not charging a lot like the big marketing companies do. Their basically doing the exact same thing I am, they may have a couple small advantages over me and may be able to make something look slightly nicer, but those are few and far between, your basically getting the exact same thing from me at one third of the price. Send me an email at or leave me a voicemail at 616–439–4159 and we can start to talk about what I might be able to do for you.

I have registered the domain name GrandRapids.Marketing and pointed it to my website since all of my clients are in the area, and I don’t foresee working with businesses outside the West Michigan area at this time.

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