New TLD’s (top level domain names) such as .company .business

Another massive change is coming to the business world. The hundreds of new top-level domains that are being introduced late last year and this year. They appear to be about to change the entire business and marketing landscape. The importance of a good domain name is well-known. These new top-level domains however take it to a whole new level because they allow much more flexibility and availability and even what is called domain hacks.  It reminds me of the late 1990s when someone registered Now the same thing seems to be happening where all this seems to be flying under the radar for many businesses and few are talking about it. Businesses should be taking this very seriously and researching what moves to make. The whole entire Internet is about to change.  All those businesses who could not register a domain name that fit well in the old .com now have many opportunities, so many available it is hard to know where to even start.  And what about those who are happy with their domain name? Will Domino’s switch from to

I have registered the domain name GrandRapids.Marketing and pointed it to my website since this area is my focus and all of my clients have been from the West Michigan area.

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