Restaurant Marketing on the Internet

I love marketing for restaurants/food establishment on the Internet. There are so many places to list your business it’s amazing, and the listings are heavily used be potential customers. There are a lot of listings that need to be claimed because most of them are auto generated. So you’ll find a listing for your business but it’s not complete or sometimes not correct.


Owners of restaurants and delis and caterers sometimes get a little paranoid about having their business listed all over because they are afraid of bad reviews, But the problem with that approach is that you’re going to get reviews whether you take ownership of your listing and create listings or not because the listings get automatically generated anyways, even Facebook, Google Maps, yelp, trip advisor and foursquare, complete with reviews! So it’s best to claim a listing that way you can at least make your listing look good and respond to any bad reviews or attempt to remove them or get them removed. That itself is very difficult however. Sometimes the review can be challenged.


Or you can make it right with the customer and ask them to revise or delete their review.

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