Google Adwords for the small business

One of the great things about Google Adwords is that small business owners can have a very small budget campaign going on that is very highly focused and wasting little money. You can literally spent one dollar per day if you wanted. New websites with GoDaddy give you $100 free credit which can be significant for a tiny business. Microsoft Bing network is similar although they are only about 30% of search, however they also have the $100 coupon when you set up accounts. Adwords delivers highly targeted ads to a specific location, city or to specific types of customers and it’s very easy to set up. Here at JustPromote Marketing Company we will set up your campaigns and we will monitor them and report back to you. All you need to do is tell us what budget dollars you would like to spend per day. The system will tell you how many clicks you got and there are call extensions that can add a mobile click to call button. You only pay when people call your telephone number from mobile devices! The system also tracks how many orders or other types of goal such as what pages or interaction they do in what order. Google Adwords should not be seen as not for you, it is customizable for any company and any budget. It is a really great way to bring in business when the organic search traffic or other types of inbound traffic from other parts of the Internet are not quite doing it for you. If organic search is not bringing enough customers we could set up a temporary campaign to test it or during your slow season.

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