Kensington USB multiple display adapter

I am a big proponent of using multiple monitors and think that one or two just isn’t enough. I am sure that you really need to have three or four or more to get high-speed work done. Something I really love about windows is that it supports multiple monitors very very well. It can be tough to have multiple monitors with video cards, but it can be done with a workstation especially. But if you don’t have extra slots, the Kensington Universal USB 3.0 Multi-Display Adapter is great and they have their price below $60 now. They have an adapter for both DVI and VGA so you can actually use any old used flat-panel such as a Dell flat panel and 17 inches is fine because the 17 inch monitor has the same resolution as a 19 inch monitor. You can get these monitors on eBay or Amazon for around $45. Kensington says that you can run up to five extra monitors from even a laptop. I have found that running a couple extra monitors via USB works great, can’t even tell the difference from the monitors that are running on a video card, they display great without any weird glitches, there fast and you can run movies. The J5Create product is equally as good. I have a couple of them running along with a couple on my video card and when I’m doing websites or Internet marketing or creating business listings for companies I find that I am at least 40% faster than if I only had one monitor and my whole goal with my company is to create a lot of quality content really quickly at one half to one third of the price of a big marketing company or big marketing agency. So for less than $200 I was able to add two monitors to my system. You want to turn off Windows animations they can slowdown USB monitors and your whole system too when it happens.

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