Starting a business. Your internet marketing might start from the very beginning.

2105512When you’re starting a business one of the first tasks is often creating your digital content especially your website.  It may not be published yet, but typically it is because that helps in testing and gaining inbound links.

The cost of starting a business can be quite large and we are offering a way to get your marketing started cheaper than some of the bigger marketing companies and advertising agencies.

What we are offering is our rock-bottom rate with no minimum, no contract to sign and most importantly no monthly fee or package deal. We are able to offer this rate because we do not have the huge overhead of a large marketing company. But we are able to provide services that are close to or equal to what they provide. For the small start up, when you’re starting a business you have limited capital because you don’t have much or any income. You can hire me for the little as one hour, dozens of hours or hundreds of hours of flooding the Internet with everything about your new business. This is a great way to control your budget and spend marketing dollars as they become available by simply sending me emails and requesting that certain things be done like create or update a Facebook page, add YellowPages listings, develop a Facebook following, a twitter following, make some changes to your website, set up email accounts etc.


This is JustPromote’s current position in the marketplace where I am willing to work with somebody without a large marketing budget or even with individuals who are creating websites for personal use or family or for individuals who just have an idea and want to put some content out there and see if it sticks to hopefully become a full-fledged business.


I can bill in small increments such as every 5-10 hours and we are willing to offer 30 day payment terms to some clients so that you can get some content out there but not have to pay for it right away.

I am really interested in seeing that you are a success because that’s what it’s all about. We will be the experts and build the base of your business on the Internet. That’s what I do but it is not necessarily what you do because you are the one creating your business, your product, your service and that is what you are the expert in.

Leave the marketing stuff to me. 1236162

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