The future iPhone 6 and other large smartphones changing the world

Clipboard01 (2) The iPhone 6 is reportedly going to be a much larger iPhone and there are already larger android smartphones that are wildly popular. For mobile Internet marketing we think this will completely change everything. If not change everything else in the entire world too! Most of the people in the USA and even the world are going to be carrying around portable, fully usable, functional Internet in their pockets or on their belt. The increased size has made it so that using the device, when held close to your face is every bit as powerful as a tablet and for many functions more powerful than a desktop or laptop computer because of all the apps. The screens are so large that even large fingers have no trouble quickly using them or even typing. And the speech recognition is outstanding anyways. The emergence of the 4G LTE and WiMAX network has served broadband to them that rivals cable internet.

Purchasing decisions will be even more increasingly made with mobile devices. The emergence of Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal has created beautiful websites that are fully usable on a smartphone. Decisions are now going to be made with knowledge that came from a device that is larger so that you can actually read large amounts of information very quickly from lots of different websites with lots of different tabs open. Multitasking with apps at the same time, sending email and doing all the other things like a tablet will now be done on a phone that is 5 or 6 inches diagonal. It remains to be seen what the preferred sizes will be, perhaps 6.3 inches with no bezel. For people who don’t wish to carry something large I’m sure something closer to 5 or 5 1/2 inches will also be fully functional Internet.


Decision making about purchasing products and services, going to restaurants, stores, and other businesses are going to be increasingly done on these devices. The issue for Internet digital marketing and social marketing is that for searching and for pay per click advertising, these devices are seen as mobile so we need to design our websites and advertising and other digital content to focus on mobile. Many current advertising campaigns on Google Adwords for example are set to exclude mobile because this decision was made years ago when Mobile was not a very strong proposition or platform to the advertiser and all that is rapidly changing.

I believe that the change that’s coming with the iPhone 6 later this year is going to be one of the biggest internet related changes ever, coming from a mobile platform that has already changed the world. We need to act quick and we need to become mobile compatible.

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