Google Mobile Website Friendly Requirement

If you are one of the many website owners that received a message within webmaster tools from Google with a warning about your website not being mobile friendly, please take it seriously.

In fact Google may have already released an algorithm and experts in the SEO world are already hearing reports that non-mobile friendly sites were suffering following what may have been an update on January 24th.

Google has not called the update by any sort of name or even indicated that a change was made based on mobile usability. So for now website owners are in the dark about organic ranking algorithms.

As traffic and search engine use becomes more mobile than desktop, it makes sense for Google to be looking to ensure that they are serving mobile friendly websites.

The solution? If your website is on an old FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc platform or most other old websites, you may be looking at a completely new website built on Joomla or WordPress.

Ouch that hurts, but your business may need the upgrade anyways!

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